Officers smash windscreen 
to rescue dogs

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Police in Dromore had to smash their way into a car

at the weekend to rescue seven ‘distressed’ dogs.

Officers had to smash the windscreen of a Toyota Yaris which had been left in a car-park at Banbridge Road from around 10.30am on Sunday (May 10).

A number of dogs - two adult animals and five pups - are believed to have been left in the car for a number of hours and according to the police were in a state of distress.

A 25-year-old woman was interviewed for causing animals unnecessary suffering and a report has been forwarded to the Public Prosecution Service.

It’s understood all seven dogs are now safe, but the incident has prompted public warnings from both the police and the Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

On their Facebook page Banbridge police urged anyone taking the family dog, or dogs, on a day out not to leave their pets in the car while they were out and about.

Of the Dromore incident they said: “The owner now faces the expense of a new windscreen, possible police action and also being spoken to by the dogwarden.

“Thankfully, the dogs are now all safe but this could have had a much sadder ending.”

The USPCA also warned pet-owners against leaving animals in unattended vehicles.

The society’s David Wilson said leaving a window open was not the answer.

“Even on a hazy day the temperatures in a car can soar,” he said. “Just do not leave animals unattended for any length of time in a car.

“Temperatures can soar quite quickly.

“We have seen many incidents like these, and all too often they have unfortunate consequences.

“A recent incident was reported to us of a student who left up to 200 small animals including hamsters and gerbils in a car, then went to a lecture, and was surprised to find that hardly any of the animals were alive when he got back to the car.

“Pet owners just need to learn that they should not keep any animals in the car on their own.

“Try to plan your life around your animal a little bit better.

“It’s all very well going on family trips and bringing the dog with you but try to leave them with someone else if they are left alone in the car.”