Natasha puts best foot forward

Natasha Walsh who is taking part in the Belfast Marathon
Natasha Walsh who is taking part in the Belfast Marathon

A Lisburn girl is taking on the Belfast City Marathon this year to raise funds for Cancer Fund for Children.

Natasha Walsh is hoping others will join her and support the charity that offers practical, emotional and financial support as well as free short breaks to local families affected by cancer.

Natasha said: “I am excited about the challenge. My training has been coming along slowly but surely.

“The best part is that real feel-good feeling you get after exercising and knowing I got myself out of the door to do it you really can’t beat that.

“I’ve never played sports and always felt quite self-conscious going to the gym but this has given me a real focus and I’ve met some lovely people as a result. It’s great to feel part of something. It also feels great knowing my efforts will be helping such a great cause.”

Natasha is urging others to sign up and run, walk or complete a leg in the Marathon for Cancer Fund for Children.

She said: “You may think you can’t run the length of yourself but you honestly can. I started out running to a lamppost and gasping for air as I walked to the next. People always said you can get addicted to running.

“As someone who has never been the biggest fan of exercise I always thought this was a myth. Now, I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to running but I am addicted to that sense of adrenaline and achievement you get after finishing. I would urge everyone to give it a go.”