Murderer attacked

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A murderer from Moira who killed and dismembered his teenage victim had boiling water thrown over him in an apparent revenge attack in a Scottish prison.

William Beggs (54), now known as the ‘Limbs in the Loch’ killer, who was once described by police as a ‘serial killer in the making.’

Beggs is serving a life sentence in Edinburgh’s Saughton Prison for raping, murdering and dismembering Barry Wallace (18) in Kilmarnock, in 1999.

The teenager’s limbs and torso were found in Loch Lomond and his head was dumped in the sea in Ayrshire. According to the Scottish Daily Record, Beggs screamed as boiling water was thrown over his face and hands in the cell attack,

In 2001 a jury found Beggs took the teenager to his flat and subjected him to a serious sexual assault.