Local firm runs security course

Mercury Security Management launches personal safety course
Mercury Security Management launches personal safety course

A Lisburn security firm has launched a personal safety and security awareness course with safety in mind.

At Mercury Security Management, personal security specialist Luke Bradley who has served in special operations and worked in over 50 countries, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan and Israel on security related tasks will be leading the course.

He is employed by the media and NGOs as a High Risk Trainer and Security Advisor to prepare their staff to go overseas and also accompany them in a ‘close protection role’.

Last year, violent crime against individuals in Northern Ireland rose by 7 per cent with sexual offences, increasing by an alarming 16 per cent.

“In our day to day security work, we have become increasingly aware of mounting concerns about the rise in violent crime in Northern Ireland including muggings, sexual assaults and car-jacking – not to mention the increasing number of violent attacks against tourists in foreign countries,” said Mercury’s CEO Frank Cullen.

“One in 10 households in Northern Ireland have been the victim of a crime in the last year so to help people feel more secure in their everyday lives, we have developed a very effective training course to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge required for their own personal protection and safety whilst at work, home and when travelling abroad.

“Our course is also very relevant to local businesses with more than a million violent incidents across the UK reported in the workplace every year.”

The first course took place on Wednesday April 1 and will be delivered through lectures and practical scenarios over one day or two evening sessions at the new Mercury Training Academy near Lisburn. The course costs £84 per person.

“We are delighted to have a specialist of the calibre of Luke Bradley on board,” said Mercury’s Frank Cullen. “Luke is no stranger to dangerous assignments and his philosophy is one of awareness and avoidance of danger, not confrontation. This maxim has kept him and countless others who he trained safe in life-threatening situations and we are sure that his vast experience will be of great benefit to everyone attending this ground-breaking course.”

For further information on Mercury’s Security Awareness Course or to book a place, call Mercury on 028 9262 0510 or email safelives@mercurysecurity.biz.