‘Lest We Forget’ exhibition looms

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Hillsborough Old Guard would like to extend an invitation to the opening of their ‘Lest We Forget’ exhibition in the Sexton’s House at Hillsborough Parish Church on Friday, May 8, at 7pm.

The ‘Lest We Forget’ exhibition is to pay tribute to the sacrifice of those who fought and died in the Great War 1914–1918 from the Hillsborough area.

This project will be funded by the Heritage Lottery and open every Saturday 10am – 4pm and every Sunday 1pm – 5pm. The exhibition will be open at other times by appointment by contacting Robert@hillsborougholdguard.co.uk.Hillsborough Old Guard has managed to trace the names and details of nearly 200 men who both fought and died in the Great War and those who returned home from the Hillsborough Area.

Some of these details have come from reminiscence evenings that the group have held throughout the years where the local community have been invited to come along and share their stories of a Hillsborough in days gone by.

Family members have given copies of letters and/or photographs that they have had in their possession or any other information.

In some cases only a name which was known, which then enabled members of the group to research these details further.

This is still, very much an ongoing project as new details are always being uncovered at other exhibitions they stage or through our website.

Organisers are always keen to hear of any additional information anyone has on the Great War so you are asked to please talk to one of the members of Hillsborough Old Guard if there is anything you would like to share-.

Hillsborough Old Guard are also working on a WWII project for a future exhibition so we would be keen to hear of any stories, photographs, letters or any information you might have about people from the Hillsborough area.