Jamie and David walk a million steps for Emerge Counselling

For the forty days of lent, David Gamble and Jamie Wilkinson decided to take on the challenge of walking 25,000 steps every day raising money and awareness for Emerge Counselling Services.

Friday, 16th April 2021, 3:15 pm
Jamie Wilkinson and David Gamble
Jamie Wilkinson and David Gamble

By the end of the challenge the dynamic duo had walked a million steps and raise over £3000 for the Lisburn based charity.

“If there is one thing the last year has taught us, it’s that looking after your mental health is so important! If anyone who is reading this needs someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Emerge,” said Jamie.

“Walking a million steps was an amazing challenge and we are both proud to have raised a great amount of money for a charity in need of funding. Everyone who works for Emerge is a volunteer and all of the money raised gets put to amazing use.

“During the four weeks, we had some amazing support. We received signed books from well-respected fitness professionals, free hats to give away from local mental health charity ‘that’s MENtal’, and lots of local support who shared our progress and even went out and done the 25k steps themselves.

“The challenge itself was much more difficult than we anticipated. 25k takes around four hours of continual walking. No matter what weather we got the steps done, we faced every element possible, freezing cold while slipping every 5 meters, rain that hit you up the face no matter what way you turned, and wind that would have swept you off your feet.

“We had blisters, tight calves, and just past the halfway mark, Dave got the worst news possible as he suffered a tear in his Achilles. We struggled on are delighted to have reached our goal even earlier than we set out.

“We honestly can’t thank everyone enough for your support over the last two months. If you are struggling and need someone to speak to, please reach out to Emerge.”