Healthy Linda embraces a slimmer lifestyle

Linda Leckey after she lost three stone.
Linda Leckey after she lost three stone.

The new Slimming World consultant at Largymore Primary, Linda Leckey, has every reason to celebrate.

Linda who turned 50 this year, has not only got a new career but since January has lost a dramatic three stone.

Linda Leckey (before)

Linda Leckey (before)

The Portadown woman, had been struggling with health and weight problems of late and even had to give up her work a year ago.

She struggled with thyroid problems and chronic fatigue and in January, she decided it was time to give weight loss, yet another try.

Linda, believes that the weight loss quite literally gave her a great life back.

“As 2015 was the year I would turn 50, I knew something had to be done to stop feeling older than my years,” said Linda.

“Walking into the Slimming World group in Tandragee was one of the hardest things I have ever done as I had lost my identity and confidence with my health.”

Linda believes that joining Slimming World has given her the confidence back that she lost.

“I was soon put at my ease as my consultant was so warm and caring and the group so friendly and helpful,” she said.

“My group soon became my support network and social event of the week.”

Due to the Food Optimising plan with Slimming World, she found she was still able to eat her favourite foods, including curries, burgers, chicken goujons, scotch eggs and chips while losing weight at the same time.

Linda believed that she got her life right back after as she feared that she would miss out on so much due to her chronic fatigue condition. “I thought I would not be able to exercise am pleased now that I have worked walking into my daily routine,” she said.

She often takes her family dog out and would take it for two mile walks enjoying the fresh air.

“Slimming World has given me the confidence to know I can achieve my weight loss goals and the tools to get there,” she said,

“With the odd Slimmer of the Week award I am kept motivated, clothes shopping has become my new hobby.”

Classes are on 5.30pm and 7.30pm every Tuesday.