Game of Thrones dogs enjoy a birthday splash

Four-legged stars of the hit TV show Game of Thrones celebrated their birthdays in style recently when they took the plunge at Lisburn’s Aqua Dog Hydrotherapy and Recreational Centre.

The centre welcomed two Northern Inuits named Odin and Thor, who played Direwolves Summer and Grey Wind in Game of Thrones, for their eighth birthday party.

“There were five dogs in total as Odin and Thor had three friends come along as well,” explained Luke Mulholland from the centre, “They were all able to go for a swim and for those who wanted to there was an inflatable unicorn which they could chill out on.

“We arranged for a cake from Pawfect Doggie Treats as well.

“We kept it very structured and made sure no dog over exerted themselves or were stressed out.

“Each got their own member of staff to personalise their care with us and look after them. Joanne, the director, believed this was vital to ensure each dog there was given the care they deserved.

“They all got fitted with a life jacket and were then guided up to the pool where they were guided in and helped around the pool until they got the hang of it.

“Near the end we let Odin and Thor have some time together and kept the others out while they enjoyed a swim with their proud dad and owner William.

“Afterwards they were able to get a shower and blow-dried and have a rest before we let them devour their cake. Every dog did great and we loved having them.”

Joanne Mulholland opened Aqua Dog Hydrotherapy and Recreation Centre in January 2016 after months of hydrotherapy training at another local pool and it is now the biggest hydrotherapy centre in Northern Ireland, with four qualified hydrotherapists and several in training.

She was inspired to open the centre to care for man’s best friend after two of her own pups - Leyna and Katie - were referred for hydrotherapy eleven years ago. Katie was referred at eight months old for hip dysplasia and Leyna was referred two years later for a cruciate ligament.

After seeing the benefits for herself, Joanne decided to open a centre herself and now works with dogs of all ages and abilities to improve their health, help them to lose weight, or even just to let them have some fun in the water. Or, like Odin and Thor, they can invite their doggy friends along for a pool party.

Recently the centre was named as a finalist in the Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council Business Awards, much to the delight of the dedicated staff.

To find out more about the facilities and services at the centre, which is based on the Moira Road in Lisburn, visit their website online at or contact 028 9210 6220