Former Crumlin school to be demolished

Former St Josephs Primary School
Former St Josephs Primary School

The former St Joseph’s Primary School in Crumlin, is to be demolished at a cost of up to £90,000 in the coming days.

The decision was made by the Glenavy and Killead Parish Pastoral Council after the building, which has been empty since January, became a recent target for vandals.

The building opened around 50 years ago and is based close to the Mater Dei Chapel on the Glenavy Road.

It has had its windows smashed and rooms ransacked on a number of occasions.

In recent years the former school building was used as a creche facility.

However, when the creche moved to another site some months ago, the derelict building was frequently targetted by vandals.

A spokesperson for the Glenavy and Killead parish said that they had no other choice other than to demolish the building.

The spokesperson for the parish explained, “Since 2007, the Parish of Glenavy and Killead, in ongoing consultation with its parishioners, has been engaged with the implementation of its agreed parish development plan designed to ensure an appropriate church building and facilities to provide for the required liturgical, educational and pastoral needs of the parish.

“Following the relocation of St Joseph’s Primary School to a larger site in 2001, the former school had initially found usage by various voluntary organisations and associations within the Parish.

“Having carried out various surveys of this property, it has been decided by the Parish Pastoral Council and Parish Finance Committee that this former school is now in such a state of disrepair that on grounds of health and safety it should be demolished and the site cleared.

“Fr Colm McBride, Parish Priest of Glenavy and Killead, takes this opportunity to recognise and thank all within the community for their continued assistance, gestures of support, goodwill and prayers as they work together in progressing the parish development plan.”

Councillor Thomas Burns said he would have received many complaints about the vandalism attacks.

He said the council would have liked to see the premises boarded up to stop tresspassers from gaining entry before any further action was taken by the parish.

“I welcome that the building is to be knocked down,” he said.

“But really the site really needs to be secured quickly before any more damage is caused to the building for health and safety reasons.”

The current St Joseph’s Primary School building, which is also based closeby on the Glenavy Road site. opened its doors around 14 years ago.

It has a total of up 700 pupils currently attending it.