Faith and Hope seek loving new homes

Claire McCleary from Almost Home animal rescue, Moira, with collie puppy Faith. US1535-509cd  Picture: Cliff Donaldson
Claire McCleary from Almost Home animal rescue, Moira, with collie puppy Faith. US1535-509cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson

A local animal sanctuary is seeking homes for two very special puppies.

Faith and Hope are believed to be 13 week old Collie /Lurcher crosses, who found themselves unwanted in the pound and are now with Almost Home Animal Rescue in Moira.

This gorgeous pair are two special little girls!

Hope is deaf, whilst Faith may have some very limited hearing, but she was born without eyes.

Both girls, but particularly Faith, will need specialised training making use of their other senses.

As a result they will need very experienced owners who have the time and patience to teach them.

Speaking about the dogs, Deborah Anderson said: “They’re both healthy wee dogs. They are very happy and love all the volunteers who come into work with them.

“They are very bright, happy, affectionate little girls,” she added.

“Hope is into everything now and loves emptying the bin and worktops!

“Faith now knows her way around the puppy cabin and confidently explores it. She will play with toys happily in her bed for ages.

“Faith, in particular, is increasing in confidence,” she added.

“They are both intelligent and with the right training will come along really well.

“Neither would be suitable with young children as they could be easily startled.

“Faith particularly will need a very calm home where there is little change.

“She really needs a home with someone who understands dogs and would be very experienced.

“Unless we are 100% sure a potential owner understands what they are taking on, Faith won’t be going anywhere.

“Volunteers here say, ‘Oh couldn’t you just take her home, you feel so sorry for her’. But that wouldn’t be what she needs. As humans, we think ‘poor wee thing’, but she doesn’t know she’s blind and can’t hear. To her, she’s alive and there’s lots of things to explore.

“They are both wee dotes and are cuddly wee dogs,” Deborah said.

Almost Home Animal Rescue is based in Moira. They rescue, rehabilitate and rehome. They specialize mainly in dogs from various pounds and in December 2013 they proudly welcomed their first cats. If anyone feels they can meet the criteria needed to care for Faith and Hope, and are interested in giving one of these girls a home contact

If you would like to find out more about the charity, visit them on Facebook or go online at

You can also call them on 07922921852.