Fab Four at Trinity Slimming World lose an amazing 14 stone

Stephen McLoughlin
Stephen McLoughlin

Four local slimmers who have lost a grand total of 14 stone at Trinity Slimming World, Knockmore Road, have started the New Year by being voted the Mr Sleek and Miss Slinky.

Donna Wilson, from Lisburn, who lost an amazing five stone by February 2014 says she feels ‘amazing.’

George Allen

George Allen

She was always conscious of her larger size joined Slimming World after seeing a holiday photograph of herself.

“I love making new recipes from the books and magazines and adapting my old recipes to be Slimming World,” said Donna. “I enjoy an occasional treat and love the flexibility of the plan. My class are an amazing support for me,”

Donna maintained her target weight for almost a year now and an inspiration to her group.

“I feel amazing,” Donna said. “Without my Slimming World group my life would be completely different. I just love the plan and how you can adapt it to your life so easily, and never feel hungry!”

George Allen, from Lisburn, joined Slimming World after a lightbulb moment while watching a television programme about obesity.

He suffered lower back and foot pain which were impacting his life and was advised by his doctor to lose weight.

He reluctantly joined Trinity Slimming Club and is now a central part of the club. He soon discovered the food plan taught him to optimise food and enjoy eating to satisfy his own appetite.

George reached his personal target weight in December 2011 having lost 2 stone 9 lbs.

It was for health reasons that, Stephen McLoughlin of Lisburn School of Music joined Trinity Slimming World and has in just four short months lost a staggering four stone.

“Being a plain eater I had concerns over the foods I was going to be introduced to, but with the support from my consultant, Rachel and my wife I had my life opened up to a brand new world of food,” he said.

“Slimming World for me isn’t a diet, it’s been a revelation on to how I should have been eating.”

Ruth Conway, joined Slimming World at the end of July after unable to shift the pounds with Slimming World online. When she joined the local group she lost almost two stone.

“I really enjoyed meeting new friends and being supported by them both at class and getting mid week support via our closed Facebook page,” she said. “With my weight loss I feel so much healthier. Being voted Miss Slinky 2014 by my group was a big surprise, but has encouraged me to keep going and encourage others on their weight loss journeys.”

Trinity Slimming World, meet each Thursdays. Ring Rachel 07887568350