‘Epilepsy Action cards an advice godsend’

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Community News

Local man Dave Brooks has spoken of the importance of knowing what to do if anyone takes an unexpected epileptic seizure.

Civil servant Dave (54) from Lisburn, describes Epilepsy Action’s card that offers advice as a ‘godsend’ when he was able to help a man suffering from an unexpected tonic clonic seizure in Lisburn, two months ago.

Dave, had once helped a stranger having a fit in Scotland, and with his limited knowledge then, clumsily helped the person having a fit.

When he came across Epilepsy Action cards in a waiting room in a hospital he wanted to be more prepared in the unlikely case he would come across someone having a fit again.

Then in February, Dave, came across a man taking a fit at Railway Street and was a little bit more prepared.

“This time I knew what to do,” said Dave.

“The first time I came across someone having a fit I felt awkward. I knew that I wanted to be more prepared. These cards have proved to be life savers.

“Basically if anyone who has never had to deal with someone having an epileptic fit it can be very scary when they witness the fit.

“These cards will tell you how to deal with the situation and what you should do. You deal with it offering the person some level of dignity and discretion.

“The card I feel is a godsend. It tells you everything that you need to know.”

Following Dave’s actions, he has successfully lobbied his department in the Civil Service to give Epilepsy Action first aid cards to every member of staff.

A spokesperson for Epilepsy Action said, “We are delighted that Dave was able to use our first aid card to help someone who was having a tonic clonic seizure.

“Our research has revealed that many people would not know what to do if they saw someone having a tonic clonic seizure.

“In fact, almost nine of out 10 members of the public would either actively do something wrong or fail to take all of the right actions when providing first aid to someone who has had a seizure.

“Dealing with seizures is something that anyone can do and it is simple to learn. We would encourage everyone to take five minutes of their time to visit epilepsy.org.uk/action to learn how to safely deal with a tonic clonic seizure. It may save somebody’s life.”

In case it helps for this story, our first aid advice for tonic clonic seizures can be seen here: https://www.epilepsy.org.uk/involved/campaigns/take-epilepsy-action