Cat subjected to horrific
attack by kids

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Children have been blamed for carrying out a vicious attack on a Lisburn cat left with horrific injuries after it was swung by its tail and its head smashed on the ground.

The cat, which had gone missing for some time, arrived back at its Antrim Road home, bloody and shaking with its teeth and claws missing as well as a dislocated tail.

After a full examination was carried out on the animal, a vet concluded the injuries were sustained by it being lifted then swung by its tail then slamming its head against the ground.

Its claws were also ripped out as it desperately attempted to hold on to the ground. Another of the owner’s cats also returned home with similar, though less serious, injuries.

A spokesperson for ‘Northern Ireland Says No to Animal Cruelty’ said the incident was reported to them. The owner, they said, was extremely upset by the incident and said a neighbour witnessed children attempting to put a cat into a school bag then throwing it in front of a moving car.

A spokesperson for the charity urged people who may have witnessed the incident to contact police.

“The fact that people apparently took enjoyment from the brutal torture of an animal yet are free to walk the streets to do it again, is deeply worrying,” the ‘No to Animal Cruelty’ spokesperson said.

“We hope they are caught, and sentenced and that can only happen with information being passed on.”

He went onto say, “We are appealing for people to contact the PSNI if their pet goes missing or if their pet returns home with suspicious injuries.”

A spokesperson for the USPCA said any deliberate cruelty should be reported to the local animal welfare officer and the police.