Blooming great party in memory of Nanny

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Recently two very special little girls held a Blooming Great Tea Party in memory of their nanny.

Beth (6) and Ella (4), sisters from Lisburn, held the special event for Marie Curie as their nanny, Valerie, was cared for in the Belfast hospice.

Beth decided she wanted to host the tea party and raise money for her sixth birthday party.

“I wanted to help Marie Curie because my nanny was in Marie Curie in Belfast and I was able to go and see her in her lovely room,” said Beth. “Outside there was a lovely big tree and on the windows, there were lovely big bright daffodils.”

Beth and Ella’s mum, Sarah explained why it was so important to the girls to fundraise: “It really hit the girls hard when their nanny died. It helped that when she was very ill, we could explain to them that she was getting the best care possible in the hospice.

“As soon as we walked into the hospice, we all knew it was a special place – we enjoyed the garden and the girls loved all the daffodils. I would describe the nurses as angels, everyone was so lovely to us and it was reassuring to know Valerie was getting so well looked after.

“Beth wanted to have a Blooming Great Tea Party for her birthday as Marie Curie means so much to her.

“They both still wear their daffodils on their coats and we want to do whatever we can so other families can get the same care and support.

“Big thanks to Naomi Orr School of Dance in Lisburn, who provided the location for the tea party. Everyone had a great time and went home with some cake, a bag of sweets, a balloon and of course, a Marie Curie daffodil badge.”