‘Black’ group shows support for Ashers

Paul Clydesdale, David Simpson MP with Alan Rogers
Paul Clydesdale, David Simpson MP with Alan Rogers

The Loughbrickland Black Evangelical Fellowship presented Upper Bann MP, David Simpson with a petition in support of Asher’s Bakery based in Newtownabbey.

Some months ago, Asher’s Bakery was accused of discrimination when they declined a request from a gay rights activist to include a slogan ‘support gay marriage’ on a cake. The case is being taken to court.

The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland took on the case on behalf of the customer.

Commenting on the issue Mr Simpson said, “The vast number of signatures on our petitions has highlighted the shear anger people have with the inability of Christians being allowed to stand up for the faith.

“We believe that it is important that the public stand up against this anti-democratic persecution of a small business by the Equality Commission and a waste of public funds by this Government body.

“We would encourage everyone to demonstrate their support by signing this petition. The petition remains available in each of our DUP offices within Upper Bann.”

Mr Paul Clydesdale from the LBEF said that they have supported Asher’s stance.

“I want to congratulate and thank all those involved in the organising of the petition in support of Asher’s Bakery,” he said.

“Our signatures were collected at a recent meeting of the fellowship and it was an encouragement to see the widespread support for this particular cause.

“Our fellowship believes that the company involved did not discriminate against anyone.

“We feel that as we live in a free society then any business has the right to decide what message they promote or what message they do not promote.”