Pauline takes on burger challenge

Pauline Jamieson with the double 'Galley Burger' she ate for charity.
Pauline Jamieson with the double 'Galley Burger' she ate for charity.

Local woman Pauline Jamieson took on a gut-busting challenge when she ate a gigantic burger, all in aid of charity.

Pauline, the manageress of The Galley, Sloan Street, in Lisburn, took on the feat after being challenged by co-workers that she couldn’t eat a double ‘Galley Burger’, The Galley’s new burger on their menu.

A regular Galley Burger features two burgers, two rashers of bacon and an onion ring.

That wasn’t enough for Pauline, however, as she ate a double Galley Burger - meaning she ate FOUR burgers, FOUR bacon rashers and TWO onion rings.

She raised a magnificent £270, which will go to The MS Society and The Children’s Cancer Unit Charity.

Pauline said: “It all started after the girls said, ‘you couldn’t do double that’. They said they would give me £1 each for eating it, so I phoned the boss and said, ‘James is it okay if I collect for charity?”

Having been given the go-ahead it was full steam ahead for Pauline as co-workers and customers donated toward her challenge.

And they all turned out in force to watch if Pauline could do it.

“The whole restaurant was bunged that day,” she explained. “Even girls who weren’t working came in to watch.

“I chose the charities I did because we had an MS Easter basket sitting there, and one of the girls here is having a cancer fundraiser in April.

“I received a lot of support. Everybody should try the Galley Burger!”

The Galley’s owner James Currie said: “Pauline organised the challenge after the girls bet she couldn’t eat two of The Galley Burger.

“It was good craic - Pauline’s got a good appetite!

“She received great support from customers and the new burger is going down well.”