Palmer’s concern over cuts to DLA payment

Jenny Palmer.  Picture by Kelvin Boyes / Press Eye.
Jenny Palmer. Picture by Kelvin Boyes / Press Eye.

Councillor Jenny Palmer, the Lagan Valley Ulster Unionist Assembly candidate, has stressed that the Stormont Executive must combat any moves to slash the Mobility component of Disability Living Allowance under any future Westminster Welfare Reform plans.

“I have had a number of constituents contact me raising concerns about suggestions that the mobility benefit could to be axed under any future cuts,” said Mrs Palmer. “What this means in reality is that people who were receiving benefits, such as a Motability car for help towards taking a loved one out of residential care for a day trip, will no longer receive this money. This could affect more than 50,000 people in Northern Ireland, and across our Lagan Valley constituency.

“The Stormont Executive must realise this move resembles yet another attempt by Westminster to take a swipe at the most vulnerable in our community. This is because carers are often quite isolated and they are an easy target group for this attack. If elected, I will be to the fore in opposing such repressive cuts, and I will certainly be using the Assembly Chamber and committees to urge all those affected to stand up against Tory cuts dressed as Westminster reforms,”