Pair arrested in relation to theft offences


Detectives in Lisburn arrested two females yesterday on suspicion of a number of theft offences in the Lisburn area.

Police have reminded Christmas shoppers to keep a close eye on their valuables while out and about during this busy festive period.

Chief Inspector Jonathan Wilson said: “Christmas is a time which can drive us to distraction buying all those last-minute presents. So remember to be vigilant and avoid becoming a victim of crime.

“Always ensure your purse or wallet is not on display, carry your bag close to you with the clasp facing inwards and never leave it unattended.

“Pay particular attention to your personal effects around banks, while taking out money from ATMs and paying for goods in shops.

“Try not to carry large amounts of cash and remember not to display presents in your car - please don’t make it easy for thieves!

“We would also encourage everyone to advise their parents, older relatives and friends about securing their valuables and personal items to ensure a safe, enjoyable shopping experience.

“Police in Lisburn and Castlereagh are always here to help, so if you need us over the coming weeks, just phone 101 or 999 in an emergency.

“Enjoy your Christmas shopping and have a safe and happy festive period!”

Both suspects remain in police custody at this time. Police have appealed for anyone who believe they may have been the victim of a theft of personal items while they have been in Lisburn City Centre recently to come forward and speak to police. They should call us on 101, quoting reference 593 of 12/12/17.