Pair arrested for drink driving in two separate incidents

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Two drink drivers were caught within a short period of time thanks to the local CCTV team.

Police were tasked to Lisburn City Centre after Citywatch observed a driver they thought to not have a driving licence, then a short time later they informed officers about another suspected drink driver.

A spokesperson said: “Last night (Saturday) CityWatch CCTV Operators observed a male who we believed didn’t have a driving license behind the wheel of a vehicle in Lisburn City Centre. Police were informed and directed to the vehicle.

“The driver was arrested for Driving with Excess Alcohol, Driving Whilst Unaccompanied, not displaying L Plates, No Insurance, oh and his vehicle was also seized.

“While that was going on we received a report from a CityWatch Radiolink member who informed us that a male who was smelling strongly of alcohol, had got into the drivers seat of a vehicle and was about to move off.

“Officers who were dealing with the earlier drink driver were informed and the vehicle was stopped.

“The driver was subsequently arrested for being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle.