Pain sessions leave people ‘hopeful’

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The Highway Inn in Lisburn seems like an unlikely place to find a group of 20 women on a cold Monday morning in October. But that is exactly where ‘The Hopefuls’ met for the celebration event of their BCPP (Building Community Pharmacy Partnership) project.

The Highway Inn is one of a number of Social Enterprises run by Resurgam Trust and with its relaxed atmosphere and recently revamped interior it was the perfect location for the group to enjoy breakfast.

Resurgam partnered with Jayne Magee the pharmacist from Boots in Sprucefield. Jayne worked with Gillian from Resurgam to support a group of women from the local community to address their health issues.

The ages and background of the women varied greatly but the common theme for them all was living with chronic pain. Over an eight-week period they worked together to identify and test coping strategies including complementary therapies, yoga and physiotherapy. They had the opportunity to explore their health in its broadest sense and link in to other programmes through the Health Living Centre.

“Jayne was able to share her expertise and introduce the group to a whole range of services that they didn’t realise the community pharmacist offered.

“This is co-production in action and it is clear to see the positive impact that this way of working has for all partners involved,” said Gillian.