Orr writes an open letter to Lisburn

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Independent candidate Jonny Orr has written an open letter to the people of Lisburn, urging them to vote for something new and different on May 7.

“Dear Lisburn,” he writes. “I have a confession to make. About a year ago a secret game was set up, chaining people up in a basement and other locations across Lisburn. You might have heard rumours or noticed quite a big following on a cryptic facebook page called Escape Lisburn.

“I went into this election knowing an empire had already started to be built over a year ago. I was so bored with this city and fed up with the moaning (myself included) that something needed to change.

“The games and bond between friends playing them was awesome. The look on people’s faces if they managed to escape was incredible to witness.

“Some people cried, but said they loved it and kept coming back for more. For someone who once suffered bad depression and loneliness, I feel quite confident now.

“Within nine months of starting the games I can say that I have been approached by and spent months negotiating with a billion dollar company interested in my work. There is a vision for this city. I see big interactive adventure and horror games throughout the city and outskirts in the early years and eventually connecting games around the world.

“Within months games will be open to the public. Instead of being a private business, Escape Lisburn, will operate as a social enterprise with the idea of forming a 21st century community to play and socialise in a city with nothing much left.

“Woolworths, Hmv, Xtravison, Leisureworld, Smyths toys, Lazer tag and many more big companies failed in Lisburn.

“The difference between me and them is their only goal and purpose was to make money. I will succeed because that is not my purpose.

“My purpose is to help create, grow and love where I live and have ways to enjoy the little time I have on this planet with my friends, family and community. And I’m telling you this because, while I might appear the most inexperienced candidate in this election, I’ve already been working on transforming this broken city from the ground up. I need your help to take this up a notch on May 7. Please vote for me.”