Ophelia: South Eastern HSC Trust issue statement regarding services

A hurricane
A hurricane

The South Eastern Health and Social Trust has confirmed that they plan to continue services today but will “pay close attention” to Met Office advice regarding storm Ophelia.

A spokesperson said: “The South Eastern HSC Trust plans to continue to deliver services, both in hospitals and in the community, today. However, we will be paying close attention to advice from the Met Office and government agencies on current weather conditions and safety issues.

“If you feel you can travel safely and get home safely, we will be here to provide your services. However, we don’t want anyone to feel under pressure to attend appointments today if they have concerns or feel it is unsafe. We can assure you that you will NOT go to the bottom of the list and we will endeavour to reschedule your appointment as soon as we can.

“What will happen across Northern Ireland in the next few hours is still unclear. We will endeavour to continue to provide health and social care services, as long as it is safe for both our patients, clients and our staff.”