On the hunt for things that go bump in the night

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For generations stories have been told in Lisburn about ghosts that stalk the streets, particularly in the ‘historic quarter’.

There are tales of a lone piper playing at the top of Pipers Hill and a lamp lighter still doing his job in Bridge Street following the death of his entire family in a house fire many years ago.

In fact, the stories are so prevalent that it has attracted the attention of ‘Ghost Searchers Ireland’ who have carried out a public investigation at the R Space Gallery in Castle Street, in the heart of the city’s historic quarter.

Ghost Searchers Ireland carries out both private and public investigations throughout the UK and Ireland, including popular investigations at Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast.

Using scientific equipment, including motion sensors and audiovisual devices, the team hope to gather evidence to prove the existence of supernatural activity.

“There are about six to eight in each team and we use motion sensors in every location,” explained Amy O’Reilly, who has been part of the team for several years now.

“There was a lot of activity at R-Space,” she continued. “At one time the castle ran behind it and there was a tunnel running between the two buildings.

“In the past it was also used as a rectory and people were also hung there at one time.

“We used a rampod, which reads electromagnetic fields and if something comes close to it, it goes off. It went off a lot.

“We heard disembodied female moans and there were a lot of light disturbances as well.

“It was a public event and there were about 30-35 people there, although we could have doubled that.

“We would love to do more investigations in Lisburn, especially around the historic quarter,” added Amy.

To find out more about Ghost Searchers Ireland or to suggest a venue to investigate, log onto www.ghostsearchers.com or www.facebook.com/ghostsearchersireland