Review: Lansdowne Supper Club

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The Lansdowne Supper Club launched on Friday May 1 with a splendid line-up of Anthony Toner, Matt McGinn and Madeleine Slate.

Accompanied by my dad, an Anthony Toner fan, we set off to the Antrim Road hotel for what was to be a lovely evening. Before the three sang in-the-round we were served up a hearty meal from the friendly Lansdowne staff.

Singing in the round is always a delight to watch, this night in particular created an informal setting where I felt I had been invited into the world of each musician if only for a few hours. It was lovely to witness the relationship and the banter between them all, and amusing to see McGinn get distracted with Anthony’s accompanying guitar riff in his opening song. Matt’s beautiful songwriting is wonderfully packaged in layers of subtleness and melancholy.

Madeleine, who hails from Canada, accompanied Matt beautifully on their co-written songs including I’m Not Looking Down Anymore and we all had a giggle when she told us of her time spent perfecting her accent on Down and Out, trying to introduce a little Northern Irish lilt. The fact that the pair have had songs featured in hit American TV shows is testament to their talent.

The relaxed setting encouraged the three musicians to divulge the background of the songs and the circumstances that influenced their outstanding songwriting, like Anthony Toner telling us of his unrequited love in Well Well Well. Sailortown from his early days was a delight to listen to live and Miles and Weather showed off the smooth dulcet tones of Anthony’s voice.

The evening of tasty grub and easy listening was a great way to spend a Friday night, I felt so privileged to witness these three very talented artists together. I’m already looking forward to the next one!