No drugs evidence at Mountview say police

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Amid local protests in defence of Lisburn’s Mountview Drive, police have confirmed signs of anti-social behaviour in the area but say they have no evidence of drugs use.

Chief Inspector John Wilson spoke in response to claims last week that ex-army accommodation at Mountview Drive was being vandalised and used as a drink and drugs den.

In a statement received after the Ulster Star went to press last week, Mr Wilson said police were addressing public complaints and reported that one young man had been cautioned for criminal damage.

“Police in Lisburn have responded to complaints from members of the public who have spoken to us directly and through the local PCSP about issues of anti-social behaviour in this area,” he said.

“We have liaised with those who have responsibility for the buildings and officers have visited the area to assess the situation. While no evidence of drugs taking has been found, there are indications that alcohol has been consumed and a large amount of rubbish has been discarded.

“On the evening of August 12 a passing police patrol stopped in the area and one 20 years old male was cautioned for criminal damage. “

This week saw some locals offer a different perspective on Mountview Drive, attributing the “coming and going” of cars and vans, not to drug-users, but to building contractors.

One “shocked” woman said: “I am a resident and have been here a year and of course there’s lots of van and cars; it’s still technically a building site and contractors are still working at houses. I find it quiet and have had no hassles or problems .

“ This is a family street, with loads of kids and people still moving in and still trying to settle, but this will surely put people off moving into a perfectly fine neighbourhood.”

Chief Inspector Wilson, meanwhile, added: “We would ask members of the community to continue to report any criminal activity so we can respond and prevent further nuisance.”