New youth hub officially opens 
its doors in Seymour Hill

Celebrating the opening of the youth hub in Seymour Hill. Picture by Freddie Parkinson �
Celebrating the opening of the youth hub in Seymour Hill. Picture by Freddie Parkinson �

Young people in Seymour Hill are delighted at the brand new Youth Hub facility that recently opened beside Mossside Hall.

Seymour Hill and Conway Community Association worked tirelessly to develop the much needed facility for the local community.

The need for this new facility has grown from the massive increase in Seymour Hill’s youth work with almost 80 children now enrolled in the scheme, which receives funding from the Education Authority.

A spokesperson for the community association said: “We were delighted to have the Chair of the Education Authority Sharron O’Connor and Richard Rodgers from the Alpha fund, whose grant of £10 000 made the hub possible, jointly opening the new facility and we were delighted to see our Mayor Councillor Uel Mackin attending this important event.

“A huge thanks must go to Julie-Ann Jackson who has lead this project on behalf of the community group and all those who have pulled together to ensure the facility was completed on time.

“This facility will not only keep youth of the streets in Seymour Hill but it will see relationships built up with the PSNI as anti- drug courses will also be run to educate them to the dangers of drugs plus a sense of community involvement will be instilled in the young people.

“Thanks are all so due to the Housing Executive who have assisted and supported the scheme and the PSNI, as well as the numerous contractors who worked tirelessly to deliver the project.”

Councillor Jonathan Craig is also pleased to see this project delivered. “I was delighted to see how the community group pulled together and delivered this project,” he said.

“I introduced them to the Alpha fund but it was the hard work and dedication of the group that won the award from Alpha and it was the group and Julie-Ann Jackson who worked tirelessly to see the project delivered.“