New £575k youth centre is nearing completion

Photo Caption: Denis Paisley, Francis Ferris, Alderman Paul Porter, Adrian Bird, Paul Givan MLA
Photo Caption: Denis Paisley, Francis Ferris, Alderman Paul Porter, Adrian Bird, Paul Givan MLA

The new £575,000 youth centre, replacing the old West Lisburn community facility in Old Warren is nearing completion.

The project, which is part of the £80 million Social Investment Fund, will significantly enhance the provision of youth facilities for groups across Lisburn is nearing completion.

Lagan Valley DUP MLA Paul Givan and local Councillor, Alderman Paul Porter have visited the site of the new centre.

Mr Givan said: “This new facility named ‘Resurgam 3D – Dedicated, Determined, Driven’ is second to none and will be the envy of many other areas.

“When opened shortly it will enhance youth service capacity and target areas of deprivation across Lisburn through the delivery of children and young people’s programmes.

“To see a share of the Social Investment Fund allocated within Lisburn for this facility is very welcome and I commend those who worked extensively on this for securing the funding to allow this capital project to go ahead.”

Alderman Paul Porter, the DUP representative on the Social Investment Fund Steering Group said: “This is one of several community projects I have worked closely on and I believe it will greatly benefit Resurgam Trust in the delivery of their programmes for children and young people across Lisburn.”

The Resurgam Trust is supported by established and recognised community-based organisations and social enterprise organisations with many years of experience working in communities throughout the city of Lisburn.

It works with community-based organisations across both Lisburn North and Lisburn South.

Resurgam Trust Director Mr Adrian Bird said: “This is another great resource for Lisburn and improves the infrastructure and sustainability within communities.

“Young people will have many opportunities to realise their potential and become active citizens.”