Mum is told that she must leave her house

Chloe McVeigh and her 10-month old son Leo James McVeigh.
Chloe McVeigh and her 10-month old son Leo James McVeigh.

A young Lisburn mother says she is living in uncertainty after the Housing Executive asked her to leave her home at Ballynahinch Road.

Chloe McVeigh, who is five months pregnant, says she is starting medication for depression after being notified that she will have to be rehoused.

“They have given me until today (Wednesday) to be moved out and I’m sitting here waiting on them to come,” said Chloe.

“As far as I know, they still haven’t got me anywhere to go. It’s a very anxious time and I’ve just been diagnosed with depression.”

Chloe, who is now classified as a homeless tenant, was moved temporarily into the house last November.

She is happy in the current accommodation but said recent events had put a strain on her and her 10-month-old son Leo James.

“They told me back in November that this would be a temporary move until they got me somewhere permanent,” she continued.

“I’ve a young baby and it’s upsetting for him too. He is not sleeping at the minute because he can sense that I’m stressed out at what is happening. He is not his normal wee self. It’s caused us a lot of distress. I would just like to know what is going to happen now.”

The Housing Executive explained that it had asked Chloe to leave because she “has not adhered to their tenancy agreement”.

Chloe has taken issue with some of the criticisms levelled at her, disputing claims about barking dogs and of rubbish piled up on the outside of her premises.

However, a Housing Executive spokeswoman said in a statement, “The Housing Executive can confirm that Ms McVeigh is currently registered on the waiting list for rehousing in the Hillhall and Greenwoods area of Lisburn. Ms McVeigh is a homeless applicant with a young baby who has been placed in temporary accommodation operated by Homecare at Ballynahinch Road.

“Unfortunately she has not adhered to their tenancy agreement and has been asked to leave.

“The Housing Executive has contacted Homecare on her behalf, and it has now been agreed that Ms McVeigh can remain at the property until Wednesday, April 8.

“After this date the Housing Executive has a duty to rehouse her again temporarily until suitable permanent accommodation can be found for her.

“A member of our staff is contacting Ms McVeigh this morning to advise her of the current position, and we will continue to liaise with her to ensure she gets further temporary accommodation.”