Moira no longer in the dark after repairs

Councillor Alexander Redpath
Councillor Alexander Redpath

Lisburn’s Deputy Mayor, Coucnillor Alexander Redpath, has welcomed the repair of several street lights in Earlsfort, Moira.

A large outage was affecting a number of lights in the development leaving large areas in darkness. much to the concern of local residents.

Local residents John and Dorothy Davies said local residents felt very vulnerable without adequate street lighting.

“The street lighting on part of the Old Kilmore Road, Moira and in Earlsfort, Moira, failed during the early hours of December 11,” the couple explained.

“The matter caused great concern to the residents in Earlsfort who felt very vulnerable both from a safety and security point of view.

“Following representation to Councillor Redpath, the repairs to the street lighting were carried out in Earlsfort on December 21, although the repairs on the affected part of the Old Kilmore Road remain outstanding.

“We are very grateful to Councillor Redpath in following this matter through and to the Roads Division for carrying out the repairs.​“

Commenting on the issue, Councililor Repath said: “I’ve been inundated with complaints from constituents in the vicinity of the Old Kilmore Road in Moira regarding faulty street lights. Residents informed me that a power outage on December 12 had knocked out streetlights along the Old Kilmore Road from Earlsfort to Wynfort Lodge both in the developments and along the main road.

“I’ve discussed this matter with my contacts in Department for Regional Development and am pleased to note that the lights in Earlsfort have been repaired. I will continue to press the Department regarding the remaining lights in this area and I’m looking forward to progress.

“The winter months are very hard on all areas of our infrastructure and if any of my constituents are facing similar difficulties I would urge them to contact me.

“The Minister needs to deliver appropriate funding to properly maintain and enhance infrastructure. During my colleague Danny Kennedy’s term as DRD Minister he delivered considerable investment in Lisburn under extremely difficult circumstances. Despite this he was subject to constant and unjustified criticism from DUP members. The DUP promised that if they ever gained control of DRD these issues would be dealt with. They now have £1million of additional funding that wasn’t previously available when Danny Kennedy was Minister. I hope this money will go some way towards restoring funding to maintain road lighting and addressing the legacy of the DUP starving DRD of funds over the past number of years.”