Minister bids farewell to local church

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Sunday was described by a member of Lisburn Independent Methodist Church as a “bitter sweet experience.”

The church on Causeway End Road was filled to capacity for the final services of Rev. Raymond Moore as its pastor.

This brought to a conclusion almost 29 years of a very blessed era in the life of the church. There was sadness at his leaving but joy at all that has been accomplished by God during his ministry.

Rev and Mrs Moore were greatly respected and loved by the congregation. At his final services many from the church took part in song, testimony, appreciation and poetry. There were testimonies of those who were converted during his ministry.

Gratitude was expressed of his very loving and spiritual pastoral ministry to individuals and families often going beyond the call of duty.

The Rev. Moore shared the very deep wrench it was for them as a family to be leaving a people who had become their very dear friends. After a very close and harmonious relationship with the congregation for nearly 30 years the roots had gone down very deep. He appreciated the support of a very united congregation and Leader’s Board. He said how reluctant he was to be leaving but he had a very clear call from God to accept a call from Irvinestown Independent Methodist Church.

His final message to the congregation from Philippians 2:12-16 was to “Focus on God” not a pastor or man. “Function for God” and shine in the city of Lisburn.

There will be a special farewell service in the church on Saturday February 21 at 3.30 pm. This is a public service and it is hoped that the many friends of Rev and Mrs Moore and family will gather to express their appreciation to them of their ministry and friendship far beyond the local congregation.