Microchipping event in Lisburn


Dog and cat owners in Lisburn are being encouraged to attend a microchipping event on Saturday 30 May to Sunday 31 May, to help protect their pets from being lost or stolen.

An important part of responsible pet ownership, microchipping is the most effective way of increasing the chances of a missing pet being returned safely to its owner and for dog owners this is becoming a compulsory part of caring for their pet.

The Lisburn store team makes it very easy for pet owners to drop in and make use of the microchipping service. And for the majority of pet owners, the ‘peace of mind’ guarantee is worth the associated cost.

Daryl Gorman, store manager at Pets at Home Lisburn, said: “As the government deadlines approach, we want to highlight the benefits of microchipping to help owners avoid the heartache of losing a pet.

“Microchipping is a simple, relatively painless and essential procedure for ensuring the welfare of your pet.”

The chip is roughly the size of a grain of rice, fits under the pet’s skin and contains information about its owner, making it easier for both to be reunited should they become separated for whatever reason.