Melody flute band concert in Lisburn

Community News
Community News

Lisburn Young Defenders will host 12 top melody flute bands in Lisburn Orange Hall this Saturday 19th March.

The annual event has attracted all the top bands in Northern Ireland as well as a visiting band from Glasgow, and includes a number of present and former Irish Melody Flute champions.

Promoted as the Lisburn Young Defenders Festival of Melody Flute Bands, each band will be able to play a 20 minute selection of their own choice. This will ensure that there is a wide and varied programme of entertainment, showcasing the ability, and quality, in the melody flute scene.

The list of bands in playing order is Skeogh FB, Cowan Memorial, Pride of the North (Glasgow), Ballymacarrett Defenders, William King Memorial, Pride of the Raven, Ballyhalbert FB, Shankill Road Defenders, Pride of Ballinran, Sir George White Memorial, Brookeborough FB, Ballylesson Old Boys.

Doors open at 1pm with the first band expected on stage around 1.30pm. Admission of £3 is payable at the door and further information is available on Facebook, with a Disco to follow in the evening. The band would greatly appreciate the support of those in the Lisburn area.