Maze Brookfield hold annual night

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The April meeting of Maze Brookfield WI was the annual visitors night with guests from several Institutes joining them. The evening began with everyone partaking in a mini quiz with the winners being Lesley Bridgett and Marjorie Howarth from Ravernet WI and Aileen Dixon and Barbara Nicol from Maze Brookfield.

Ann Whaley, Maze Brookfield’s President welcomed everyone and introduced a new member, Annie McKeown. The speaker for the evening was Alex Biggerstaff who introduced her alternative to scented candles (Scentsy). These proved more economical and safer than an ordinary candle. She showed the ladies a range of containers for the Scentsys and the various scents.

A delicious ham salad supper was provided by the committee followed by a range of delicious desserts.

After the usual business Helen Cantley, birthday girl for the month was announced the competition for the most unusual napkin ring was won by Pauline Johnston.

The evening came to a close with the singing of the Country Woman’s Song.