Martin signals his anger over broadband

Alliance Councillor Stephen Martin is seeking an urgent meeting with BT over its broadband capacity in the Lisburn area.

Mr Martin said that he had been contacted by a number of constituents in November, last year about problems they were encountering with BT broadband.

With help from Lisburn City Council, he asked for an urgent meeting with BT to discuss the issue.

“The Council’s Economic Development Team together with other Councillors were able to put together a long list of examples where BT’s performance fell below what is expected,” he said.

“Despite repeated reminders, BT have delayed again and again and have now come back to us to advise that they do not wish to meet to hear our concerns because of the recent announcement that funding Belfast City Council received for super-broadband access was now to cover those areas moving into Belfast from Lisburn and Castlereagh.

“Residents and traders want to know why when setting up new connections they are having to jump through hoops, that connections are dropping out or running far below capacity and reassurance that Lisburn’s current capacity is sufficient to make sure our businesses are able to prosper.”

A BT spokesperson said, “We are aware of the concerns and have been engaging with members of Lisburn City Council.

“We have since made contact again with a view to discussing the concerns raised and to update them on the continuing work that is being done in terms of fibre broadband rollout across the region.”