Manor Inn play out thrilling draw with Ballinderry A

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Manor Inn and visitors Ballinderry A. played out a fantastic draw with some very good throwing.

Manor winners: A. Lyness 100,135,140. S. Beattie 2x100,140. E. Davis 100. W. Beattie 100,120. P. Shortt 2x100.

Ballinderry winners: C. Gracey 3x100,125,140. A. Smith. P. Weir. T. Woods 100,109,125,126. C. McClean 121.

Dunmurry Inn at home are a tough team to beat and this proved true once again as B.I.B.C. found out, losing 7-3.

Dunmurry winners: W. McGardle 100. J. Reid. C. Orford 100,140,19&21 darts. N. Cummins 5x100. D. McAnally 2x100. G. Andrews 2x100,140,2x21 darts. S. Gowdy 2x100.

Bowlers winners: M. Riddall 3x100,140,17 darts. M. Ferguson 2x100,140. B. Greer 2x100.

Catch-My-Pal entertained The Crows and went down 8-2.

Catch winners: S. Wylie 3x100,125,140. M. Cairns 2x140.

Crows winners: V. Letters 5x100,2x140,17&18 darts. P. Brownlees 4x100,2x180,17&21 darts. M. Guerrerio 100. J. Watton 3x100. G. Crawford 2x100. D. Kay 4x100,140,15 darts. P. Logan 2x100. S. Farr 2x100.

Laganview welcomed Reids Corner to Alexanders and finished on the wrong side of a 8-2 score line.

Laganview winners: A. Hurst 5x100. G. Spence. Reids winners. S. Walsh 3x100,120,140,18&19 darts. G. Walsh 2x100,121,140,. W. Penny 140,160. D. McCallister 2x100,2x125,140. Drew. McCammon 2x100. S. Crossey. P. McCallister 2x100. A. Hull 100,140.

Maghaberry at home to neighbours Byrnes B. romped to a 8-2 win with some brilliant throwing.

Maghaberry winners: J. McConachie 3x100,140. M. Murdoch 4x100,140. A. Johnston 2x100. A. Finnie 2x100. B. Hull 100,2x140. P. Presho 4x100,21 darts. M. Agnew 3x100. L. Kirkwood 100,140.

Byrnes winners: T. McKeown 2x100. M. McClean.

Byrnes A. at home to Ballinderry saw the home team win 9-1 with wins from S. Lennon 2x100,2x140,180. N. Peden 100,138. K. Campbell. D. Geddis 4x100,123,125,2x21 darts. J. Wilson 2x100,140. G. Bell 3x100,19 darts. G. Wilson 100,140. P. White 3x100,140,21 darts. R. Montgomery.

Ballinderry winner: E. Moulds 2x100,140,180,17&19 darts