Man suffers burns to hand

Fire brigade
Fire brigade

A 32-year-old man suffered burns to his hand following a fire at his house at Donard Drive in Lisburn on Saturday around 10.20pm.

Fire crews from Lisburn attended the scene and responded to the fire at a terraced house.

The chip pan fire was put out on arrival of FRS.

Firefighters treated the 32-year-old for burns to his hand at the scene. The cause of the fire appeared accidental. The NIFRS have said that chip pan fires were one of the most common causes of fires in the home.

In 2014 NIFRS attended 86 accidental dwelling fires caused by chip pans, which is a slight decrease on the 2013 figure of 92 accidental dwelling fires caused by chip pans. Tragically, one person lost their life due to a fire attributed to chip pans last year.

NIFRS is urging people to put safety first when it comes to cooking to help protect themselves and their family from the dangers of fire.

Their advice is that if you stop using a traditional chip pan and invest in an electric temperature controlled deep fat fryer or cook your chips in the oven.