Man caught with class A drugs after he is spotted by CCTV staff


A man has been arrested for drugs offences after CCTV staff spot him acting suspiciously and ‘passing a small white package to another male.’

Citywatch Lisburn posted on their Facebook page: “In Lisburn two males were observed suspiciously passing a small white package. Police were informed and directed to the males who were stopped and searched.

“The male who supplied the package was found to be in possession of 3 small wraps of Class A drug and was arrested for Possession and Possession with Intent to Supply a Class A Drug.

“While the other male was being searched his friend was seen to take a small item from his pocket and place it down the front his trousers and officers were informed of this and the male was then searched.

“As the male was being searched he suddenly developed a conscience and presented the package to police this was also a small wrap of class A drugs, both males were then detained and brought back to the station for a more intimate search.”