Maghaberry WI 
welcomes newcomers

Debbie Armstrong of Maghaberry WI welcomed new members and guests to their recent montly meeting.

Lynsay Johnston was congratulated on her Peggy Allen Cup win for her Wool Embroidery as was Elaine Lappin for winning the Coey II Cup for her Assissi Work.

Maghaberry WI won the Greenisland Cup for their Craft Entries.

A thank-you note from Anne Henning for her gift on attaining her full circle was read out and Pier Shilliday was thanked for her photograph of tulips in the monthly issue of the WI magazine.

Kay from Pampered Chef gave a demonstration using the different utensils to make a Chicken Salad with a difference and a Strawberry and Coconut Trifle.

Supper was the result of Kay’s efforts accompanied by tea/coffee and tray-bakes.

The competition winners for the Pink Decorated Buns were Stephanie, Sharon and Jean. Birthday Girl was Viola and the Ballot Winners were Heather, Annie and