THE mystery has been solved. We now know the location of Willowvale House which featured in this old photograph supplied by the Secretary of Lisburn Historical Society Mr. Finny O'Sullivan.

It was indeed located within a mile of the Ladybrook area off Blacks Road which today includes three residential streets entitled Willowvale Gardens, Willowvale Mews and Willowvale Avenue.

An ordnance survey map for 1947 places it in the vicinity of what is now the junction of Lenadoon Avenue and Shaws Road.

The picture recently came into the possession of Mr. Finny O'Sullivan, Secretary of Lisburn Historical Society.

It was sent to him by the son of Mr. Trevor Neill, a longstanding member of the Society who passed away last year at his home in Scotland.

Mr. O'Sullivan initially believed the photograph may have been taken in the Moira area.

However, the use of the name Willowvale when housing was being constructed at Ladybrook prompted him to look into the matter further and he found the house on the OS map.

Interestingly, the availability online of the 1911 census results for Counties Antrim and Down at www.nationalarchives.ie means a positive identification of the house will help identify the people in the photograph.

So if you can give a more precise address please contact Neil Greenlees at the Ulster Star on 9267 9111 or e-mail neil.greenlees@ulsterstar.co.uk