Local residents urged to support fundraiser

Gemma is set to abseil down the city hospital, the same building where she was treated for cancer.
Gemma is set to abseil down the city hospital, the same building where she was treated for cancer.

A Lisburn resident who has witnessed the good work of a cancer charity is urging readers to support a local cancer survivor’s charity abseil.

The Clontara Park resident who asked not to be named contacted the Ulster Star after reading about Gemma Hanna’s plans to abseil down the Cancer Unit that helped her overcome the disease.

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Gemma hopes to raise money for the Friends of the Cancer Centre which helped make her treatment more comfortable. He explained that he met Gemma at the Cancer Centre whilst his wife was receiving treatment.

He said: “We were delighted to read about Gemma Hanna in the Ulster Star a couple of weeks ago. My wife is on long term cancer treatment and during a crisis one Sunday we met Gemma and her parents in the Cancer Centre.

“Over the next several months we would meet them in the Bridgewater Suite when Gemma and my wife were there for treatment.

“Gemma is an absolute inspiration who was so positive at all times despite her illness. Her cheerful attitude was a tonic in so many ways.

“It is great to learn that she is now well and doing the charity abseil, I would urge everyone who donates to charity to actively consider supporting The Friends of the Cancer Centre as she is doing.

“They are a superb charity run by a very small team in an equally small office who punch way above their weight when compared to other cancer charities.

“Recently they have refurbished the Bridgewater Suite, funded additional Chemotherapy Treatment Bays and every day provide essential comforts for cancer patients, not provided by the NHS.

The charity funds a huge amount of clinical research, including that carried out by Professor O’Sullivan, who is the leading prostate cancer expert in Europe.

“Donors to Friends of the Cancer Centre can be assured that every penny they donate is used for its intended purpose.

You can help Gemma raise money for this great cause by donating directly via her fundraising page.