Local nurse nominated for prestigious award

Rosie Mulholland with Emily.
Rosie Mulholland with Emily.

A local nurse has been nominated for a prestigious national award for unwavering support.

Rosie Mulholland, from Crumlin, who works in the Southern Health and Social Care Trust, has been put forward for one of nursing’s top professional accolades by the mum of a child with a life-limiting syndrome, for ‘going above and beyond’ for her family.

Christina Vazquez, from Lurgan, says she put forward community nurse Rosie Mulholland for the RCNi Nurse Awards Patient’s Choice Award for ‘her generosity and caring nature’.

The prestigious award, sponsored by Yakult and supported by LBC, sees patients and their families nominate a nurse whose care has had an enormous impact on their lives.

The winner of four finalists will be decided by a public vote and revealed at the RCNi Nurse Awards ceremony at Westminster Plaza Hotel, London, on May 6.

Voting opens on April 4 and closes on April 29. Vote online at www.patients-choice.co.uk<http://www.patients-choice.co.uk>

Five-year-old Emily has Dandy-Walker Syndrome, resulting in global development delay. She cannot walk, talk or sit up.

Christina said: “Having a daughter like Emily is scary and at times you can feel very alone but I know that Rosie is there for us any time day or night for anything we need.

“I’ve never met anyone so selfless.”

As Christina doesn’t drive, Rosie takes Emily to hospital appointments when no transport is available.

“Once Emily was taken ill at the children’s hospice so Rosie drove miles to pick me up and take me to be with my daughter,” recalls Christina. “She waited, drove me home to collect some stuff and then took me back to Emily.”

Rosie has been the staunchest advocate, says Christina, doggedly pushing forward her application for a suitable home for the family.

Christina said that Rosie also looks after the whole family.

“She comes to our house to regularly assess Emily’s needs, but she makes time in her very busy day to listen to our problems and worries and answer our questions,” said Christina.

Rosie, who has been a nurse for almost 30 years, feels ‘totally overwhelmed and privileged’ to be nominated.

She said: “I chose a long time ago to try to make a difference. Reading Christina’s testimony – to read that she was so touched by my involvement and passion and engagement - reinforces the value and significance of that choice.

“I am inspired to continue to make my best effort.”

Rosie adds that her ethos has always been family centred care: “If I can help get the other facets – such as housing – right for a family, they can deal with the implications of their children’s care.

“Christina is so stoic – she’s terrific and I admire her greatly. I want to empower and enable her to have control in her life where she can.”