Local MLA keen to grow agriculture

Sydney Anderson.
Sydney Anderson.

Local DUP MLA Sydney Anderson is hoping he can help to boost the economy.

That’s through his position as a member of the new Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee.

Mr Anderson was recently appointed to the Committee and says he will work with local farmers.

“Our agricultural sector is a vital part of our economy,” he said, “and it is imperative that the Assembly seeks to work with our farmers and food producers to advance the industry in the years ahead. In recent times we have witnessed many significant challenges facing the industry and it is vital that the new department helps to strengthen Northern Ireland’s economy by sustainably growing our agri-food industry.

“As political representatives we must do all we can to assist our agricultural communities and work alongside other political representatives at different levels of government to tackle the major problems head on. I now look forward to working with Minister Michelle McIlveen MLA and the AERA committee on a wide range of matters as we move forward.”

“In the previous mandate I thoroughly enjoyed serving on what was previously known as the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee and I am now pleased that my party has selected me to be one of the DUP representatives on the new Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (AERA) Committee.

“The Committee will be seeking to scrutinise the Minister and the Department and will seek to work constructively to raise matters of concerns to the agricultural and environmental sector right across Northern Ireland.”