‘Local knowledge is key in fight against drugs’

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Police have appealed to local residents to help them continue their crackdown on street level drug dealing in the Lisburn area.

Following a number of drugs seizures and arrests, police have stressed that “communities hold the key to helping take drugs off our streets.”

Reflecting on the success of recent operations in the Lisburn and Castlereagh area, a PSNI spokesperson stressed that many of the seizures and arrests came about “as a result of local intelligence.”

“Our aim is to get drugs off our streets, and to give people the confidence to report drug dealing in their community. The police and other agencies are doing their utmost to tackle the scourge of drugs, but information and local knowledge are key,” a PSNI spokesman said.

“We know that street level drug dealing is happening across all districts throughout Northern Ireland, but we need the help and support of local communities to remove this activity from our streets. If you know or suspect that illegal drugs are being sold or distributed in your area, please pick up the phone and contact us.”

Local Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) member, Cllr Scott Carson also urged people with any information about illegal drugs in their community to report it to the police.

“I know there are concerns about drugs across parts of our district, but the police are working hard and are targeting resources to deal with the problem and remove drugs and those who peddle them from our community,” he commented.

“I would encourage anyone with information about illegal drugs, no matter how insignificant they think it might be, to report it to the police.”

Meanwhile, a new initiative has been launched in Seymour Hill aimed at removing illegal and prescription drugs from the streets.

A RAPID (Remove All Prescription and Illegal Drugs) drug disposal safe has been installed outside the shops at Rowan Drive as part of a community safety project involving Lisburn & Castlereagh PCSP, PSNI, Seymour Hill and Conway Community Association, the Dales Community Association and ASCERT.

The initiative is designed to promote the removal of all prescription medication, illegal drugs and new psychoactive substances (so-called legal highs) from the community.

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