Local grower to appear on popular TV programme Rare Breed

Barbara Erwin from Hillsborough Co. Down
Barbara Erwin from Hillsborough Co. Down

Hillsborough ‘Artisan Grower’ Barbara Erwin is set to feature on Rare Breed – A Farming Year on UTV this Tuesday, February 7.

Over ten years ago retired Biologist, Barbara turned her hobby of growing foliage and flowers into a business.

She grows 20 types of foliage and 36 varieties of flowers on her four and a half acres of land and sells directly to florists and the public.

She said: “There are about 40 growers in Northern Ireland, some are on the big scale but I am what’s known as an ‘Artisan Grower’. In fact, only 10% of flowers sold here are grown in Northern Ireland, the other 90% are imported.”