Local drummer out to beat another record

Record breaking Allister Brown is ready for a new challenge.
Record breaking Allister Brown is ready for a new challenge.

Lisburn man Allister Brown is preparing to smash a Guinness World Record and raise vital funds for the charity UNICEF towards Children under attack cause in Syria.

Allister a previous two time Guinness World Record Breaking drummer for the longest individual drumming marathon, is currently awaiting confirmation on his previous world record attempt in November which saw him break the record for the longest snare drum roll by rolling for 22 hours in Lisburn.

This astonishing feat was all in memory of his wee cousin Cariss Dempster, who was just seven when she passed away after losing her battle with Neuroblastoma in December 2015.

Ali is back on the hunt for another record, this time he is joining forces with drummers from USA, Canada, Portugal and Indonisia. The team aim to set a new Guinness World record drumming together for 100 hours as they hope to become the team that performs the longest drumming marathon.

This time Ali will be leaving Lisburn for his record breaking attempt travelling to Portugal in Castelo Branco on September 20. As well as hoping to beat this new record, they aim to raise awareness and 100,000 euro for UNICEF’s Children Under Attack cause.

“This latest challenge is similar to a record I broke in 2008 for the longest drumming marathon by an individual when I became the first person to go over 100 hours, raising £6000 for Cystic Fibrosis in the process. Since then only a handful of drummers in the world have been able to play over this time.

“This type of endurance event is both physically and mentally draining and I am trying to squeeze in as much training as I can before the event. Especially to try and get my body and mind used to sleep deprivation.

“A couple of months ago Carlos Santos from Portugal got in touch, he is the current holder at the minute for the individual marathon. He has invited me to join him along with Lou Mars from USA, Steven Gaul from Canada and Kunto Hortano from Indonesia. Our aim is to hopefully raise as much awareness as we can about the work UNICEF is carrying out on the torn war in Syria, especially help for children.

“We would like to reach a target of around 100,000 euros for the charity. We will be five countries united as one to help others in need.” If possible Allister is hoping to receive some sponsorship or support from local companies.

Anyone who would like to help out at the event contact Allister at alijbro77@gmail.com or mobile 07702704609.

He added: “With Guinness World Record officials being there in attendance we hope to have the record confirmed on the day.

“I have raised thousands of pounds before over the last 14 years of doing world record attempts and to me this is no different, these are young children. It doesn’t matter where they come from, they need a lot of help and UNICEF provides that, giving them psychological support so they cope with the trauma they currently face.”

A JustGiving page has been set up, click here.