Local couple celebrate platinum anniversary

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A Lisburn couple have been celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary with their family.

Brendan and Barbara Matier married on January 17, 1947 in St Patrick’s Chapel, Lisburn after meeting in the Lisburn Picture House.

Brendan and Barbara Matier celebrate their 70th anniversary.

Brendan and Barbara Matier celebrate their 70th anniversary.

The couple had five sons and five daughters, ten grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Many of whom were in attendance along with the extended family at a recent meal to mark this special occasion.

Their first home was a round house at the bottom of Grove Street, Low Road and then moved a few streets away to their present home in Barley Hill, Low Road where they still live with their brown Labrador, Pippa.

Francis Brendan Matier and was born June 27, 1929 and lived with his mother Annie and grandmother Catherine and Grandfather James who had a shop in the front of their house in Grove Street, Low Road. They sold mushy peas and vinegar to the locals coming home from the local pub.

Brendan walked to Hilden school along the towpath where the coal laden canal boats were horse drawn. He was a telegram boy in the post office and subsequently worked in Grundig and Stranmillis College.

Catherine Barbara Stewart was born on December 23, 1929 to parents Alexander and Elisa. She lived with 2 brothers Joe & Gerard and 2 sisters Maureen and Lila in Sandy Lane, Longstone. Her two sisters married American soldiers and emigrated to America. Her father Alexander fought and was wounded in the First World War and subsequently worked in Thiepval Barracks. Barbara worked barefoot in Hilden Mill from the age of 13 until she was married.

They lived through the ration years and met in the Lisburn Picture House before their wedding in St Patrick’s Chapel.

They both are still active and walk their dog ‘down the line’ – along the towpath.