Local clubs mourn 
‘a real character’

Lisburn bowler Peter Mallon.
Lisburn bowler Peter Mallon.

Lisburn bowling has lost a “real character” following the death of Peter Mallon last Tuesday.

Peter was a talented bowler at his life-long club, Lisnagarvey, along with his wife, Peggy, who died several years ago.

He was a great clubman and gave his all in the cause for Garvey but to the best of my knowledge never accepted any office.

He played short mat at St Joseph’s and was a total clubman, but again never held any official position.

Peter insisted on getting the best out of his rink and demanded perfection from the others on it.

But, it was his love of life and fun which will be remembered by all bowlers who knew him - and there were many throughout the years.

Peter supported all the short mat tournaments, though sometimes one would have wondered if he was taking them all that seriously. He was well-known, if in trouble at an end, to quietly lift a bowl from the neighbouring rink and using it to try to remedy the situation. Normally, protesting his innocence when discovered.

It gave him great fun to hide the jack in his pocket just to create a little havoc.

He supported the outdoor game to the full and Lagan Valley and Hilden could always depend on his entry for tournaments although again he was never far away from enjoying himself at the expense of others.

At the Hilden Open Rinks Tournament Peter would go along sometimes to watch. His favourite trick was to walk up behind some spectators at the edge of the green with the words: “Please sit down I cannot see and I paid to get in here.”

The fun side disappeared for Peter following the death of his wife and bowling “friend”, Peggy, who was a good player herself, and supported Peter to the full.

The fun did gradually return to Peter’s life, but it was never quite the same - there was a void in his life.Illness also caught up with him in recent years and his passing will surely be remembered with deep sadness by all those who knew him. The total sympathy of the local bowling fraternity is extended to the family circle during a sad period.