Local artist and doctor team up for fundraiser

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A Lisburn artist has teamed up with one of Northern Ireland’s leading doctors to produce the artwork for his debut album, the proceeds from which are being donated to local charity Friends of the Cancer Centre.

Graham Catney has partnered with Professor Joe O’Sullivan, clinical director of oncology at the Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital, to provide a stunning image for the cover of Joe’s debut album, Take a Deep Breath.

Graham is a patient of Professor O’Sullivan’s and the creative partnership came about through their shared love of art and music. Joe’s album has been inspired by his patients and features ten tracks covering some of the memorable encounters Joe has had with his patients throughout his career. The cover of the album features Graham’s painting, Survivors.

“I was successfully treated for prostate cancer over ten years ago and Professor O’Sullivan was my consultant,” explained Graham. “He’s an amazing doctor and during my treatment we often discussed his music and my art. I did a painting for him a few years ago and when he was working on his album, he got in touch to ask if I could help with the cover artwork. The painting itself is of one of the lifeboats on the Titanic and it illustrates that while many people lost their lives in the disaster, many others survived. The idea of survivorship is one that translates well to cancer and indeed to the message that Joe was using in his music. The Titanic also has a personal significance to me as an artist as my grandfather worked on it and it’s a big part of my family history.”

Professor O’Sullivan is delighted that Graham has kindly allowed him to use his work for his debut album. He said: “I’m a great admirer of his work and when I was working on the album I approached Graham and asked if he could help with the cover. When I saw the painting ‘survivors’ I knew it would be perfect. The artwork has received so many positive comments from people who have bought the album and I’m so thankful to Graham for being part of it.”

Take a Deep Breath is available to buy now from www.friendsofthecancercentre.com or from iTunes. The album costs £10 and all proceeds will be donated to Friends of the Cancer Centre.