Lisburn woman’s new business is ready to unleash the power of the placenta

Emma Willis from Lisburn is a qualified placenta specialist.
Emma Willis from Lisburn is a qualified placenta specialist.

A unique new business has just been launched in Lisburn offering local mothers the chance to take part in a growing health craze, consuming placentas following the birth of their child.

Emma Willis is Northern Ireland’s only qualified Placenta Specialist currently operating and has recently opened the Sunrise Birth Apothecary, which provide Placenta Encapsulation.

Placentophagy is the consumption of the placenta and has became increasingly popular with a number of well known celebs boasting about the benefits.

Encapsulation is the process of making the placenta available for consumption to a mother following the birth of her child. This is through dehydration and powdering and placed in pill form, or mixing this placenta into a fruit smoothie.

Local girl Emma has now brought this process to Northern Ireland and is based in Lisburn, she said: “This is a useful way of consuming the placenta to allow mothers the chance to enjoy the many health benefits.

“There is a long list of benefits and many of them help with balancing out hormones after child birth.

“I have always been quite interested in the benefits and with some investigating, the opportunity arose for me to complete training.

“I am now the only currently operating specialist in Northern Ireland.”

Emma said consuming the placenta, in pill form or smoothie form is a very rich source of various hormones and vitamins made easily available to the mother quickly after birth.

She said: “I am speaking from experience I can say that with my three children, with the births of my second two children I consumed my placenta in a fruit smoothie and it was great.

“The process I carry out dehydrates the placenta and places it in pill form, so if anyone wants the benefits but is squeamish then this is perfect, as it is just simply taking a pill.”

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