Lisburn police involved in high-speed car chase

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Lisburn PSNI officers were involved in a high-speed car chase with a drink driver who sped off after police had pulled him over.

Officers from E Section described how they had to arrest two drivers for drink driving within the space of half an hour on August 15.

On their Facebook page, officers said one of the drivers “should’nt even be allowed to drive a golf buggy.”

They posted: “Our guys located the suspect vehicle at the lights of Largymore link and Hillhall Road. He was signalled to pull over, he did, and as our colleagues got out to speak to him he drove off. Not the best decision he’s ever made, but then again deciding at some point to get into a car in his state it seemed to be a night of bad decisions for him.

“A pursuit commenced down the Hillhall Road in the direction of Lisburn, where the suspect was driving at high speed and at times on the wrong side of the road.

“This continued on for a bit until stopped in a carpark at Hancock Street. A quick chat and a preliminary breath test later obtained a reading of 104, 3 times the limit.

“He also got a free trip to Musgrave Custody where he refused to give an evidential sample of breath.”

This high speed and dangerous chase came just half an hour after E Section Lisburn had picked up another drink driver. They added: “Even when approached by Police (the driver) appeared confused and was struggling to open a door or window.

“So he can’t open a window properly but he still thinks he’s alright to get behind the wheel of a car. Well, it would appear he knew he shouldn’t have been driving as he refused to give a preliminary breath sample at the side of the road and when arrested began struggling with Police- just screams innocence doesn’t it!

“Our colleagues, being the nice bunch that they are gave him a free lift to Musgrave Custody, we’re nice like that, where he finally gave a sample of breath and found to be twice over the legal limit. He’s been charged to court.

“Two people that still don’t get it that alcohol and driving doesn’t mix. Two people who obviously don’t think that being impaired whilst driving a large chunk of metal that can do devastating damage, even at low speed, is a such a big deal that they shouldn’t do it,” they said.